Cannabis Delivery

Lake & Leaf is proud to present cannabis delivery in the Benzie County area! Given the laws in Michigan regarding delivery, we are able to offer delivery immediately upon opening for both medical and recreational marijuana products. That means that your favorite products – be they vapes, edibles, salves, concentrates or, of course, flower – you can get it delivered right to your front door. Sounds pretty incredible, right? Well of course nothing with legal cannabis is ever that simple, so there are some rules that apply before you can bask in the glory of delivered pot (for many people that remember the time before it was legal, the ultimate dream was to have delivered pot and delivered pizza. Now that dream can be yours!)

How to Get Cannabis Delivery to My Home

First, obviously whether it is medical or recreational cannabis is Benzie county, you must be 21 years of age or older with a valid government issued ID. However, it is not that simple. In order to receive marijuana delivery in Benzie county, you must come into Lake & Leaf Cannabis Company in Northern Michigan and fill out an application. This will link your ID with your residence. Your residence MUST match the residence of where your deliveries will be going. If you have moved and not updated your ID, please bring in a utility bill (water, sewer, gas, electric), with your name on it, along with your ID.

Once you have submitted your application, we will approve your application on the spot and enter it into our system. You are now good to go! You can purchase from Lake & Leaf Cannabis Co. and have it delivered right to your front door (sorry you have to order munchies separately).

Marijuana Delivery in Benzie County

Lake & Leaf has an integrated website that links directly to their inventory system. That means that the inventory is updated in real-time as things are sold. The website will feature the most accurate inventory and the ability to place an order online for both curbside pickup and delivery. When you go on the site, you can scroll through the different categories (concentrates, flowers, edibles, vapes, etc.) and put things in your basket. Once you checkout, you will be provided with a receipt, but payment will be collected upon delivery or pickup.

If you decide to pick up, then we will be waiting for you in the allotted time with your order ready. You will need to show your ID again – and medical card if it is a medical order – and then make a payment. Lake & Leaf takes cash, debit or credit cards for curbside pickup.

If you opt for delivery, then you must first have your address approved through our system (see above). If you have already been approved then a time will be given to expect delivery. Once the delivery driver arrives at your door, you will show your ID again (and med card), as well as provide payment. For delivery we accept only cash or credit cards. There is a fee for all credit card transactions.